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We are Billionaire Ventures Limited, a company formed in the Republic of Seychelles, Africa to encompass our long standing business of Trading and the new avenue of Web Advertising. Billionaire Traders (BT), now a part Billionaire Ventures Limited, is an international wealth management group that offers individuals and groups the opportunity to profit from exciting and lucrative arena of Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading. The traders of BT have a history of almost 10 years in asset management that they gained by working at the world’s leading and successful hedge fund companies. During the years spent in the private sector they have had the opportunity to see how the investment market works, what its drawbacks and hidden opportunities are. The satisfaction of our clients and the rapid development of technology provided the ground for us to make the same services available for retail clients, which used to be available only for major investors. Thanks to the recent technological innovations within the financial sector we can make our results available with the same level of safety and transparency as we did in private asset management. This is how Billionaire Traders Portfolio Management Services was born in 2011.


Contractual (Profit sharing): Analysts, Money Managers, Forex Traders & Crypto Traders

In the year 2013, we could not resist our temptation to venture into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. The increasing popularity of bitcoin and evolution of multiple cryptocurrencies (alt coins) backed by growing number of exchanges to trade the different coins provided the conducive environment for us to make a shift towards this sector. We generated massive results for our clients in very short timeframes. Subsequently, we started our extensive research and training in this arena. In the last 2 years, we have been increasing our stakes in trading cryptocurrencies and now it forms the most important component of our product portfolio.


We recently entered the promising land of Web Advertising. All along, we have seen how internet has played a key role in our overall growth.

We have smartly leveraged the world wide web to deliver our promotional marketing messages to potential clients and target groups.

So with the advent of 2016 we took definite steps to prepare fertile ground for online businesses to get effective online advertising through banner ads, text ads, directory listings, solo ads and traffic reseller.

Over the course of the short period into it, we have been able to escalate our projection of generating far bigger revenue through Web Advertising.

The Path Ahead

In the current fiscal year, we plan to add to our existing product portfolio by naturally extending our core strength of online advertising and trading. We plan to have our own social media platform to take our Web Advertising to the next level. We believe our social platform will provide our advertisers and clients to engage with their customers and help them build a long standing relationship to fuel future growth. Next in line is our E-commerce Web Store to serve generic and niche products and capitalize on the booming e-commerce and m-commerce market.

As an extension of our trading activities, we are coming up with our own Trading Platform for Forex. With the ever growing membership base, our trading platform will churn out substantial revenue for sustainable growth in the form of brokerage fee and white label licensing fee. Lastly, we are preparing the right eco system to launch our own crypto-currency called “Billionex”. This will act as an innovative payment solution to an array of businesses catering to different categories of products and services, especially focusing on few niche areas of great relevance to the current e-commerce world.

Keeping in line with our ‘Multi-Stream Revenue Sharing Opportunity’, we plan to add many new businesses to augment our revenue and generate healthy revenue shares for our clients.