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Get your website designed by our web designer team using customized template enabled software to give you web presence and branding like never before. We provide you a domain with the extension .xyz and even have a hosting plan as part of the package against purchase of additional RSUs.

Share with us your desired content, pictures, social media accounts and any other customization you intend to do on your website. We assimilate the total information and get your website designed for you.

Website is no more a luxury now. Whether you are an independent business owner, service provider or a marketer you need to brand yourself so that people perceive you as an authority who they can listen and follow to achieve their goal. What better than having your own website to brand yourself and your business. We intend to fill this gap and make you more compliant and competitive globally. Cost – Min. $200 for less than



We prepare explainer, presentation and animation video to effectively present your message to the wide online and offline audience. You may host the video on You Tube, Facebook, Blog, Website or even display it offline on screen in your community. Video is becoming the most popular medium to showcase and brand yourself. It even allows you to market your product or affiliate links to an ever-increasing targeted audience.

Video Blog

We make customized Video Blog or Video Website that is based on your chosen keywords and is fully Search-Engine- Optimized. It is a fact that High Quality Videos are the most accessed content on the internet. Moreover, your content should be engaging, inspiring and motivating for your visitors to take action. We curate the best videos in your category and regularly add them to your site (on complete autopilot) while promoting your product or affiliate link in descriptions below. This SEO friendly blog can potentially attract organic traffic from the search engines and provide your with targeted visitors to your offer or product. Hence, what we offer you with this tool gives you massive online promotion and is literally a game changer.

Ecom Stores:

We offer hands-free and completely Done For You Ecom Stores that is SEO compliant and fully automated. E-commerce is the FASTEST Growing and the EASIEST Money Maker Online Today. But that’s true only if you have a hands-free automated way to do it. The expected sales in 2016 is 1.92 trillion US dollars. We present to you an opportunity to get a fraction of this trillion dollar pie by creating your own fully featured, professional, automated, trustworthy Ecom Affiliate stores that will generate sales with minimal effort and almost zero hardship of a normal e-commerce store. We even guide you on traffic generation and show you how to drive free organic traffic to your store.

In the package, we offer you a unique opportunity to be a proud owner of e-commerce store without the stress of handling warehousing, logistics or payments. All the products sold are mapped to your affiliate code and you get paid commissions on products sold directly from Amazon, Ebay or AliExpress. Is this not a damn cool package?